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ADB Print and leaflet distribution on the Gold Coast


Welcome to ADB Print & Leaflet Distribution, your one stop shop for graphic design, printing and leaflet distribution requirements. Our aim is to provide great customer service, extremely competitive pricing and a reliable flyer delivery service to help you get the best value for your dollar.

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Obviously, there are other companies out there who offer print and leaflet distribution and we welcome a little healthy competition.  Here are a few questions you may like to ask to satisfy any doubts you may have……..


Are they a one minute wonder that may not be around tomorrow?

The average pricing of letterbox distribution in Australia is $40 – $45 p/1000 incl gst I would question any company that offers a rate much less than this. (Acreage areas extra)

Flyer distribution is neither an easy nor a quick job, we can deliver up to 250 homes per hour and for every hour in the field plus an hour of collating beforehand. (5000 flyers will take an average of 30 – 40 man hours to be completed)

This just means your advertising material will go out with a bigger bunch and may not be delivered on time if it is date or time sensitive

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